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‘God Bless You’: Biker Saves Poor Cow Stuck In Mud, Internet Praises Heroic Act | Watch

In the clip, the biker can be seen abruptly halting his ride in the middle of the road and turning the camera towards a cow struggling in the mud.

Updated: August 13, 2023 3:22 PM IST

By Joy Pillai

cow rescued
A biker saved a cow stuck in mud amid pouring rain. | Photo: Instagram @AnnyArun

A touching animal rescue incident has emerged on the internet that has won hearts all over. In the heartwarming video, a biker halted amidst a heavy downpour to help out a stranded cow. Going by the name AnnyArun on Instagram, the biker demonstrated a genuine empathy for animals as he came to the aid of a poor cow badly trapped in the mud on the roadside. The clip showcases, the biker abruptly halting his ride in the middle of the road amid heavy rainfall. The biker then turns the camera towards the poor cattle struggling in the mud. With the help of some commuters, the biker manages to successfully free the animal from its dire situation.

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Watch How The Biker Saves The Cow


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A post shared by AnnyArun (@anny.arun)

The video was shared on Instagram by a user named AnnyArun with a brief caption of the incident.

Where The Incident Occurred?

As per the caption, the incident happened in Karnataka’s Amasebailu. The caption also stated that AnnyArun took help of a street seller from Madhya Pradesh to rescue the cattle. “Kind lady from the nearby house offered us water to cleanup. Good day good folks around a rainy day,” the caption further reads.

The heartwarming clip has amassed over 7.5 million views, and the count is continually rising. The video has also garnered more than 1 million likes and a multitude of comments. The majority of users praised the biker for rescuing the distressed cattle, while others filled the comment section with ‘respect’ and fire emoticons.

Here Are Some Interesting Comments

  • “Paapa, amazing work,” an Instagram user commented.
  • “May lord shiva safeguard you,” the second user prayed for the rescuer.
  • “God bless,’ commented the third.
  • “She knew that you were there to help ❤️ look how relaxed she was,” another user said.
  • “In today’s era, whoever protects animals and birds, it seems that yes, humanity and kindness are still left and the people who do all these things are precious to me.,” a user said.

The biker’s humane act of rescuing poor cattle serves as a reminder of the positive impact individuals can make in the world, even when faced with challenging situations. The video stands as a testament to the strength of empathy and underscores the significance of displaying kindness to every living being.

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