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Looking To Skip Work On August 14? Here Are 6 Best Excuses For Taking Office Leave Ahead Of Independence Day

Responsibilities beckon, and the truth hits when you realize you must go through the usual 9-to-5 routine. However, here's a little trick: if you take a day off on Monday, you can get two days off in a row. In fact, it could even be three days off if you had your usual day off on Sunday, because Tuesday is Independence Day.

Updated: August 13, 2023 11:20 AM IST

By Joy Pillai

Here Are 6 Tried & Tested Excuses Before Independence Day Holiday. | Photo: Unsplash (Representative Image)

Zzzzzzz..zz..zZZ… Nope, I’m not up for going to the office on Monday. Sunday is my day off, and I have to work tomorrow. Besides, the day after tomorrow is Independence Day, a national holiday. How can I manage to skip the office tomorrow and make the most of these three days? We know you’re probably grappling with these thoughts too. Feeling unsure about what to tell your boss? Raise your hand. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

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We understand how hard it can be to get up on a rainy and chilly morning! When you see raindrops falling, all you really want is to stay in bed, cozy with a blanket and a warm cup of coffee, spending time with your family on weekends and holidays. But oh well, responsibilities beckon, and the truth hits when you realize you have to go through the usual 9-to-5 routine.

However, here’s a little trick: if you take a day off on Monday, you can get two days off in a row. In fact, it could even be three days off if you had your usual day off on Sunday because Tuesday is Independence Day.

As we told you that we are here to help you Here is a look at a few reasonable excuses to skip work on August 14.

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Photo: Unsplash

AAa..choo, Ahoo-Ahoo ..Have Cold And Fever

Indeed, it might sound old school, yet it remains effective. Falling ill with a cold or flu during rainy weather is a widespread occurrence, so it seems quite logical, doesn’t it? For an added touch of authenticity, consider giving your boss a call and attempt to speak with a nasal tone, coupled with intermittent sneezes and coughs 😀. Any supervisor would be hesitant to have a sick employee come to the office, considering the potential of spreading the illness to others. However, make sure to keep it sounding genuine and perhaps rehearse with a friend or partner first! 😀

leave excuses

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Ooo..Fell On The Slippery Staircase

Give your boss a call and explain that you had every intention of getting to the office on time despite the rain. However, a slight mishap occurred – you accidentally slipped on a wet staircase due to the ongoing rain and ended up falling. This excuse always works for girl.😀

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Oh..Family Member Is Not Well

Another cliched but effective excuse would be ‘Family Member Is Not Well’. In many instances, your boss would be understanding and willing to provide leave for taking care of your family members, as your wife, children, and parents deserve your attention. Hence, there’s no harm in making such a request.😶

For instance, you can say, “Hello Sir, I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to come to the office today due to my young child being quite ill.” Don’t have children? You can use the same approach for your spouse. 😕

Aha,..Parent’s Doctor Appointment

Parents are likely to be elderly, and with old age often come various health issues. Therefore, doctor appointments become necessary. As a result, you might need to accompany your father or mother to their medical appointments. In such cases, you might be the only available person for the task. 🙄

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Virtual Relative’s Death

An old funny saying is very popular among the officegoers and that is ‘The more relatives you have the more leaves you can take.’ 😅Are you possibly overstepping boundaries in this situation? It’s important not to treat this too gravely. If needed, feel free to invent a fictional distant elderly relative who has passed away due to natural causes. 😅

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Ouch..Slipped In Bathroom

I’m unable to make it today. Unfortunately, I slipped in the bathroom this morning and sustained a knee injury. I won’t be able to come in. 😆

Suggestion And Personal Experience: If you’re considering going out with your family after taking leave, try to stay low-key and avoid posting anything on your social media. You can even ask your wife or friends not to tag you or share your pictures on microblogging sites, or else you might get easily caught.

(Disclaimer: This is a humour-based article and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Try these at your own risk!)

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